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B86 Issue Two: Dreams

Dreams occur to me when I am not sleeping; when I am half awake to the strange visions of color floating on my walls. White paint. White as the ceiling I try to raise when I’m in the shower. But I am not in the shower today. Dreams… dreams of leaving, dreams of sleep, dreams you enter when you’re still awake. This week’s issue of B86 explores the realm of dreams. The extent to which we dream. The depths of our subconscious. 

I keep a dream journal, and it’s always fascinating to see the number of times someone from my past, or someone I only spoke to once, reappears when I sleep. They’re buried details from another time. I contemplate when I wake and then let them go. I have included a few dreams from fellow students to investigate this surreal sensation.

Daydreams on the other hand can be warm, fuzzy memories. Another world to enter, so dizzying and intoxicating like shoegaze, which is why I have added Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine to the lineup. Go ahead and dive in. Slowly. Maybe a certain person will come to mind. Maybe you’ll dream about them tonight. Perhaps you already did. 

Let’s enter this ethereal slumber of dreams with the perfect Slowdive song off of their self-titled debut EP from Creation Records in 1995. From the slowly-building noise to the sleepy vocals, “Slowdive” allows the listener to take a dive into a dreamy sonic haze. Close your eyes and let the music guide you to another world. “I’m pushing down, I’m diving deep, yeah, slowdive to my dream.”

Reader Dream Number One

UCLA reader Iliana Resendiz recounts—

“I’m not sure exactly how it began but I remember being pretty adamant about getting married. Ironically enough though, my ‘husband’ never even appeared in my dream. I tell my dad I want to get married. He agreed. Three days had passed and I was getting ready to get married. I had a beautiful white dress on––mermaid cut with a lot of lace. However, no one showed up. My cousin told me the wedding was arranged so last minute that no one could make it. 

My dress tore twice. Strangely enough, I wasn’t upset by it at all. My main concern was whether or not my family would show up. They never did. I realized I needed more time and I wanted people here. So I called the whole thing off.”

The Clientele are no strangers to expressing their feelings toward past loves. This upbeat song admits to having “April in my mind” despite summer already starting. The phantom in this case is the ghost of a former love. One he can’t seem to get off of his mind, one who keeps haunting him. “My heart was playing like a violin / Sunday and she called again.” He doesn’t want to slip into these old conversations and promises, yet he eagerly states “All the dreams that you dream / I hope that they are all of me.” There might be hope. A love that hasn’t fully dissipated yet. Maybe, in the end, he’d like to become the phantom himself.

Shoegaze is heavily regarded as calming but this fast-paced My Bloody Valentine song is anything but. The angry, distorted guitar and hard drumming mixed with Kevin’s narration is a whirlwind of emotions. “When you wake you’re still in a dream / Not real though I love you unclean.” The narrator insists that his lover is more in love than him but that doesn’t stop their relationship. This ties into ideas of romanticized and one-sided love and lingering on. “I see you’ve messed up your laughing head / I’ll take you again and again.”

Reader Dream Number Two

Bard College reader Aislinn Feldberg shares—

“I dreamt that a vampire couple had sex and in one scene, they had blood on their mouths. Chocolate was involved. (Don’t ask.) 

Porcelain white, naked bodies intertwined, hands clutching at each other’s soft, flowing dark locks, pulling each other into a closer embrace.”

Shifting to a softer side of romance, “Sunday Morning” is still a bittersweet lament over a shifting relationship. Despite the catchy melody and twee guitar, the singer is feeling like a change is taking place. “You don’t love anyone / Not even yourself / I am not so sure / Whether I / I like the new you.” The lovers wake up from a loveless sensation beyond repair. They try “hard not to make out” or attempt to rekindle lost feelings. “You forgot your dreams / I wonder why you let that happen.”

Off of Souvlaki, this soothing track welcomes a lethargic atmosphere. The music itself is a languid and light feeling of drowsiness. “And this is just a dream / It broke my heart, but then I guess you didn’t know / It’s alright, we’re altogether.” The singer laments a shared romantic moment before their break up. He goes onto say he’s “so tired / it’s alright tonight.” It’s alright in dreams. “Sleepyhead, where did you go?”

Another dreamy collaboration from Hyacinths and Thistles, “You You You You You” is about that new crush who won’t leave your mind. No matter how much you try to think of something else, love and infatuation grow stronger. You’ll know it’s something true when the person ends up bleeding into your dreams. “I can’t wait to go to sleep and dream again / Cause every dream I dream’s a dream of dreamy little you.” 

Reader Dream Number Three

Bard College reader Penelope Bernal remembers—

“I was a student at Swarthmore and became friends with a boy I named “Strawberry Boy.” He had a cartoon strawberry as a head sometimes.”

A fitting outro to this issue, Belle & Sebastian offers a spoken-word piece by one of their founding members, Stuart David. “I’m always kidding on about going to Mars for the day, but faced with the reality of it, in a dream, I was terrified.” The whole three minutes is an eerie build-up towards a dream about space and visiting Mars. The elements of jazz and haphazard strums create suspense as you continue to enter the dream. The way the descriptions and chords are laid out is similar to how one recounts their dreams. “We had to go one at a time.” “The thought of passing through all that black space / All the darkness with nothing in it.” Always in fragments. As if the dreamer themself is unsure if it was even dreamt at all. 

(Art Credit: Ashley D. Escobar, Tyler Peterson, & Erotic Vampires by Aislinn Feldberg

Banner Credit: cubone vasquez)

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