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Poetry: Icarus

I don’t know how much more anger I can hold
When I give myself time to stop and Think About Things

I’ve avoided the whirlpool of apathy only to find myself met with the jaws of an all-consuming rage

Every time I look at bonfire it rises higher
My hands and feet back peddling
Grasping at grass and dirt
I can’t get further away
I don’t want to get further away

I sit in a rocking chair
I think I’m contemplating how I’ll die

I know I’ll burn
But when? how fast? how bright?
Ashes, tapped out of the bowl Life smoked you through
blown off the picnic table
Discarded in a breath and found by the wind you now call home

Do you know where you go?
When something catches your eye and you can’t stop looking

When I sit still
Let myself think
My brain does laps in the smoke

Hazy reminiscing and nostalgic self-referential vomit
precipitate something a little more real
my mind’s eye finds a bench to rest on
I can’t stop looking

I start sunning myself
Bask in the real discovery
Original Thought

The last of me scatters across the table

Icarus thought she was Nobody
and forgot the sun inside her

Lavender Wodnick is a freshman at Bennington and does photography alongside writing.
Icarus is a product of when frustration and anger simmers within with no true outlet for
far too long. It discusses the consuming nature of anger, and the balancing act between nihilism
and rage.

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