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Visual Art: Valeria Sibrian Quijada

Valeria Sibrian Quijada (they/them) is a senior at Bennington College studying visual arts. Their art aims to evoke nostalgia while grappling with themes of death and displacement within an aesthetic of joy and fantasy.

Sibrian Quijada’s collage, “I Will Always Be There” was produced using natural dyes and glittering material to explore ideas of fantasy and nostalgia. The piece was inspired by the process of mourning, and explores a reality in which the artist has passed, and how their death would affect the people close to them. The way that the fabric catches a moment of the wind, Sibrian Quijada says, mirrors the way in which a person may catch the fleeting memories of a loved one who is now gone.

Untitled Oil Painting

This untitled oil painting, a piece physically as tall as the artist, explores what it means to have hope in and for yourself while having to walk through life in a costume. The stuffed bunny and the Pierrot clown, who make their way down the hopeful confetti road wished well by angels above, are both recurring characters in the artist’s work.

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