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Posts published by “Ashley Escobar”

Ashley D. Escobar is a fourth-year student, music columnist, and author of debut poetry chapbook SOMETIMES (Invisible Hand Press). Her plan focuses on solitude and human connection through the lenses of literature, philosophy, and art. Her work can be found in MAI: Feminism & Visual Culture, Expat Press, and BlueHouse Journal, among others. People watching is her favorite hobby, along with taking trains without any particular destination in mind.

B86 Issue 3: Rain

It’s funny how here in California, there’s news of oncoming rain every week. Tomorrow, this weekend, the newscaster says, but it never arrives. In Berlin,…

B86 Issue Two: Dreams

Dreams occur to me when I am not sleeping; when I am half awake to the strange visions of color floating on my walls. White…

B86 Edition 1

Letter writing is a lost art form in our modern lives, but with hopes to save the USPS, cities under lockdown, and social distancing, we…