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Posts published by “Luke Taylor”

Conversations with Walker: Fear the Turtle

With this column, over the coming weeks, we point out disparities in how students of different backgrounds and dispositions interact with the college.

Conversations with Laura Walker: A is for Academics

This week’s edition focuses on academic issues as we are currently halfway between the first seven-weeks ending and registration for next term. People are curious to hear President Walker’s thoughts on the academic issues the college is facing.

Laura’s presidential priorities

Today’s edition focuses on Laura’s priorities and goals as President of the college. The goal of this column is to provide the community with an understanding of the President, and I hope this edition can be a foundation for such an understanding.

To B-ton or not to B-ton: Here are my questions…

Bennington is going through a transition of power of its own, and we should have the same concerns with our little school as we do with greater societal transformation. As we question systems of power and fight for the wellbeing of the population, I fear that the governing and the governed become anonymous conglomerates of their various actions and roles, instead of individuals.