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Posts published by “Thomas Finegar”

Thomas Finegar is a fourth-year studying morally ambiguous characters in theatre through acting and psychology while writing a thesis on the topic this year. Along with being one of the Editors-in-Chief of the Beacon, Thomas is a Drama SEPC representative and a co-leader of the improv team. He is incredibly excited to be working with the Beacon this year and can’t wait to get publishing!

Antigone at Bennington

When the full cast takes the stage for their bows, how can we not give them the standing ovation that they and their director so clearly deserve?

Extra, Extra, Read All About It

Any large event on campus, like the upcoming Student Government Townhall, has and will continue to be advertised to the community through the current publications of these varieties.

Where have all the voices gone?

The forgotten tradition of these meetings at Bennington College has consistently been recognized by the student body as the most effective way to initiate self governance.

A murmur went through the crowd

The incident is, perhaps forever, fixed on Walker’s reputation, and has, since her appointment, become a present and tense topic of community discussion within oppositional contexts. Even since the student and faculty interviews in the hiring process, Walker has spoken to the community about this incident, opening herself to conversations about preventing such an event at Bennington.

A school built by students

Bennington College was founded in 1932 with the publishing of The Prospectus, penned by Robert Devore Leigh, the first president of Bennington College and notable name to this day.