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Dish on Dishes: February-March

Hello! This is the first article of a new column where I discuss how we feel about the general vibes created by dining hall food. Does the meal change your aura to a sparky yellow-green? Have you been bombarded with childhood memories as a result of the way the potatoes have been prepared? These questions and more will be explored throughout the term!

After a quarantine that dragged on with all that picking up meals (especially for the houses who had their quarantine extended!), I think everyone on campus was so relieved to be able to grab their own meals and eat with friends from other houses again.  One notable culinary triumph of the term so far I thought was the return of Sundae Sundays!! This end-of-weekend treat always comes at just the right time for overworked students.  I know that my friends and I always let out little squeals when we first gaze upon the all-knowing chalkboard before swiping our cards and remember joyously that the time for frozen treats has come once again.  And now that self-serve is back at dhall, we can add our own toppings and observe everyone’s hot fudge drizzling techniques (they’re each like a snowflake; everyone has a different finesse).

And of course everyone was shaken to the core upon receiving the email last week that announced we would be allowed to actually sit in the dining hall and eat with friends inside.  There is a very specific phenomenon that occurs while seated in the dining hall with another table of people you don’t know across the room: you can catch bizarrely ridiculous snippets of conversation that you wouldn’t hear anywhere else.  

Standout Dishes!!

 (as determined by anonymous dhall enthusiasts)

Lunch: The perennial favs, Tricked Out Chicken and Burgers

Dinner: Coconut and Sweet Potato Curry

Desert: Bananas Foster

I, for one, can always feel my soul being slowly healed every time I sit down with a couple of friends to a revitalizing meal. You can escape the pressures of academic life for an hour and feel the support of community surging all around you. I look forward to the exciting dishes still to come.

Anna Rose King is a third-term sophomore studying primarily acting with supporting areas of dance, music, and literature and focusing on the concept of embodying authentic characterization through multiple modes of performance.  She is a SEPC representative for drama and aims with her co-rep to support independent projects in the Bennington Drama community.  You can find her belting in the Lens around midnight most weeknights. 

Assignment Reporter, Dish on Dishes, Website Team member

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