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Dish on Dishes: March-April

Hello! This is a column where I discuss how we feel about the general vibes created by dining hall food. Does the meal change your aura to a sparky yellow-green? Have you been bombarded with childhood memories as a result of the way the potatoes have been prepared? These questions and more will be explored throughout the term!

This month caught me off-guard. I think everyone felt the mid-term crunch a couple weeks ago, and good dhall food was the pick-me-up we needed. However, this month was not without contentious choices. After speaking with my anonymous informants, I have a few instances to address:

First, the dining hall has some amazing lunches. The sandwich game is quite often fire, but in the past couple weeks, both Reubens and Ciabattas were served for lunch on the same day. Now, these are lovely dishes—I for one am a huge fan of both—but I (and my informants) are of the opinion that such tasty meals should be spaced out throughout the week to capitalize on their appeal. But I would definitely love to see more of the Reubens in the future. They are quite tasty and—hot tip—pair very well with honey mustard.

Secondly, one of my informants brought up a valid yet slightly humorous point. I don’t go to breakfast because I enjoy sleeping in, but I have accomplices who do, and they tell me that once in the past month a breakfast sandwich was served and then there was also a sandwich for lunch. My informant said: “That’s a lot of buns—I would argue too many buns.” A fair point indeed.

I leave you with a lamentable but funny quote from a friend: “I look forward to the tomato soup every week, and every week I am let down!” They are of course referring to the way the soups at lunch run out quickly. I also adore soups (the chowder in particular) and would love more of them.

I hope everyone’s dhall dreams come true in the last month of the term and that my friend finally gets their soup.

Standout Dishes!!

 (as determined by anonymous dhall enthusiasts)

Breakfast/Brunch: French Toast Sticks

Lunch: Poké Bowls

Dinner: Soft Pretzels and Nachos (a huge hit!)

Desert: Peanut Butter Pie

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