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Dodgeball premier

October 9th, 2020, 7:30 P.M.

The tennis court was dim, illuminated only by the tin light of someone’s truck.  I stumbled onto the field, unsure of what was in store. All I knew was that the events preceding would be legendary. I took a seat on the bench, watching as people pour in, ready for the dodgeball game to end all dodgeball games. Soon after, Walker Ellsworth emerged in all his glory, in his spray-painted shirt and the confidence of a king. In classic sportsmanship he asked everyone to circle up, reminding players to keep their gloves and masks on, and, most importantly, play fair and have fun. “If someone catches the ball, you’re out.”
“We can’t see,” replied the group. 

From that point on, I knew I was in for a wild ride.

Players were counted off and divided into two teams, and rubber balls lined up by the net.After counting down from three, the games began. But right off the bat, the game was much less brutal than I had expected, as players grabbed dodgeballs with hesitation in the darkness of the court.Some, unhindered by the nighttime, stayed driven to win, like sophomore Paul Norton, who tactically hit one ball away from himself with another. 

“I love dodgeball,” he told me. “This was my bread and butter last term.”

The game’s pace began to pick up. “We Dem Boyz” blasted  as players weighed the risk of getting hit versus the reward of catching the ball and laughing as your opponent slumped away. As the game livened up, players began to climb the fence surrounding the tennis court. I took this time to ask the coordinators about the process of setting up this first dodgeball game of the new term, especially under new restrictions.

“Shoutout to Dillon Bergmann,” said Ellsworth. “I’m just really glad we can do it in general.” 

Lily Gibson vs. The World

Eventually, a new rule was added to keep things interesting: players were not allowed to hide in the shadows anymore. Forced to stand closer to the frontlines, players were knocked out faster, and before we knew it it was down to a one versus six: Lily Gibson versus six upperclassmen. Gibson’s a real fighter, and though she didn’t win, she is certainly revered forever as a champion. 

The rounds grew more intense as we approached the end of the night. Next round boiled down to a two versus two: both sides seemed to have a shot at snatching victory. I blinked, and it was down to two versus one, and then a victory for Hannah Wolfield’s team, who helped secure a win on her twenty-second birthday! On the losing team was Brooks Hope… suppose there was no Hope for him that round.

After that exhilarating round, people began to fizzle out. However, it was certainly a night to remember, and hopefully we can look forward to more dodgeball games in the future. 

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