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#doingitinthedark Energy-Saving Competition

This past weekend marked the end of “Peak Week,” an energy efficiency challenge spearheaded by Srichchha Pradhan ‘22 with the assistance of Ethan Koss-Smith ‘21, Olivia Chiossone ‘23, and Holly Anderson (Project Manager, Planning Office). 

Doing it in the Dark” (October 25 to November 1) was designed to encourage students to practice conserving energy, initiate conversations about sustainability, and foster a community that understands the impact of how we use energy today.  The idea was to have aAll campusthe houses competed to see who could reduce their energy use the most by the end of the week.  Students were encouraged to turn off all electrical items (like lights, fans, and other appliances), unplug devices that are not in use, charge items outside of “peak hours” (6 AM to 10 AM), and urge other house members to participate. 

Since the houses are designed differently, it was decided it would be the most fair to only compare how much each house saves compared to its previous week.  In the final collection of stats (highlighted in Sunday’s Coffee Hour minutes), First Street, Second Street, Lower Third Street and Upper Third Street were compared.  Data was recorded with Egauge from Monday at 8 AM to Sunday at 8 AM.  Daily reports and updates were posted to @pacbennington, @environment.bennignton, and @sepcbennington on Instagram.

This initiative resulted in an average of seven percent energy reduction across campus.  Franklin won the competition, reducing their energy consumption by a whopping thirty percent, and earned the privilege of ringing the Commons bell (video and pictures on the Bennington SEPC Instagram). 

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