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Posts tagged as “college politics”

Conversations with Walker: Fear the Turtle

With this column, over the coming weeks, we point out disparities in how students of different backgrounds and dispositions interact with the college.

Student Union on concerns about Campus Safety at Bennington

This article is a part of a series regarding student concerns about the role of Campus Safety at Bennington. In part I of this series, Student Union representatives Karlyn Ellis and Every Jennings discuss their perspective on issues regarding Campus Safety.

Conversations with Laura Walker: A is for Academics

This week’s edition focuses on academic issues as we are currently halfway between the first seven-weeks ending and registration for next term. People are curious to hear President Walker’s thoughts on the academic issues the college is facing.

Anti-Racism in Admissions

“Being an anti-racist and welcoming place for students-of-color is a priority for the college,” claims Tony Cabasco, the Vice President for Enrollment at Bennington College. I can attest the same for The Beacon.

Students hold first town-hall to discuss community governance

small groups from the student body met in two open forum virtual town hall Zoom meetings, to discuss what community governance should look like at Bennington. The long-anticipated event was fueled by concerns that the the administration’s scope of power has expanded, and its transparency has dwindled.

Laura’s presidential priorities

Today’s edition focuses on Laura’s priorities and goals as President of the college. The goal of this column is to provide the community with an understanding of the President, and I hope this edition can be a foundation for such an understanding.