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Current Contributors

Lola Brown is a second-year student at Bennington College studying journalism and media. She interns for staff writer Jia Tolentino at the New Yorker and is engaged in numerous journalism feats in and out of Bennington. She is interested in covering a wide range of topics from op-eds about international relations to artist profiles.

Co-Editor-in-Chief, Beyond Bennington Section Editor

Thomas Finegar is a fourth-year studying morally ambiguous characters in theatre through acting and psychology while writing a thesis on the topic this year. Along with being one of the Editors-in-Chief of the Beacon, Thomas is a Drama SEPC representative and a co-leader of the improv team. He is incredibly excited to be working with the Beacon this year and can’t wait to get publishing!


Ashley D. Escobar is a fourth-year student, music columnist, and author of debut poetry chapbook SOMETIMES (Invisible Hand Press). Her plan focuses on solitude and human connection through the lenses of literature, philosophy, and art. Her work can be found in MAI: Feminism & Visual Culture, Expat Press, and BlueHouse Journal, among others. People watching is her favorite hobby, along with taking trains without any particular destination in mind.

Arts & Reviews Section Editor

Tallulah Brown is a fifth-term student studying poetry and music journalism. In the past, she wrote album and song reviews for her high school literary magazine. When not in class, she can be found listening, talking, and writing about music. She looks forward to being a part of a fantastic team at the Beacon.

Campus Life & Culture Section Editor

Adara Miter is a fourth-year student studying literature and music. When not writing for the Beacon, she can be found working on her senior thesis, listening to jazz, and/or playing Pokémon. More of her writing can be found at Collider and Letterboxd.

Opinion Section Editor, Film Columnist

Lauren Yanase is a second-year student with a passion for strong coffee and environmental education. When not playing in the woods, Lauren enjoys studying the interplay between history and storytelling through a multi-medium platform. Her award-winning documentary Shikata Ga Nai: An Inconvenient American has been shown at cultural and historical events, awareness seminars, and in classrooms across the West Coast.

Managing Editor, Co-Club Leader

Faith Embler is a second-year studying how bodies tell stories through drama, dance, and politics. She is from the beautiful island of Friday Harbor in Washington State. She is a co-club leader and Social Media & Outreach Coordinator for the Beacon. Faith joined the Beacon last year after previously being Editor-in-Chief of her high school’s literary and arts journal. When not at the Beacon, you can find Faith reading in a cozy spot or working at the admissions office. 

Co-Club Leader, Outreach Coordinator

Dylan Walawander is a third-term student studying literature and film. He is a book critic contributing review essays, essays on fiction, and nonfiction works. He is also a website administrator.

Website Administrator, Book Reviewer

Macy Salico is a fourth-term transfer (’23). She is studying the ways in which literature and art are used as modes of human expression during times of social change.

Copy Editor

Cally Amisola, hailing from the Philippines, is a first-year student studying computational arts and digital media. Her multimedia work can be found in organizations ranging from Girl Genius, a 501(c)(3) non-profit for female/non-binary leaders in STEAM, to SHIFT Philippines, a social action organization under the National Youth Commission of the Philippines. She currently works as a Content Creation Officer at Kilos Ko Youth, the youth arm of the Office of Senator (& President of the Liberal Party of the Philippines) Frances “Kiko” Pangilinan.


Ellie Churchill is a first-year student studying political science and journalism. She is passionate about literature, weightlifting, and animals. She loves reading, especially mystery novels, and founded the Bennington Book Club earlier this year. 


Natalia Cohn is a first-term freshman focusing their studies on creative writing, film, and literature. She enjoys watching movies, and reading, and has a passion for trying to project student voices.

Writer, Copy Editor

Ebony Dalimunthe is a first-year student currently focused on visual arts. She loves watching movies, reading, and doing anything that’s outdoors. Some of her work can be found published on The Yak Magazine.


Julia Hall is a freshman studying women and gender studies through the application and exploration of literature and psychology. She is passionate about feminist activism, primarily feminist art.


Evelyn Hardy is a second-year studying art history. She transferred from St. Catherine’s in Minnesota. She loves reading, movies, and cats and loves all the wildlife around campus. She also likes to write but doesn’t take it seriously enough as to make a career out of it.


Atina Hartmann is a second-year student studying film writing. You can find her drawing on nature walks and igniting a story by night-light.


Prasana Katwal is a freshman studying creative writing and literature. She is an activist at heart and you’ll find her deeply engaged in creation, creation of anything.


Zayda Kellogg is a first-year student from Morrisville, VT studying physics and architecture. She loves working with both the sciences and the arts. Outside of the classroom, their interests include gaming, bullet journaling, reading, and baking. She also loves animals and has had many pets including dogs, rats, a hedgehog, and a dwarf rabbit. 

Copy Editor

Sheila Kwake is a dog-loving sophomore who is exploring multimedia interests. Drama is at the center of it all, and she hopes to contribute to making the arts more accessible! This is her first year as a representative for Drama SEPC. If you watch closely, you can probably see notice her dancing to the music in her head!

Copy Editor

Emerson Lee is a first-year student with a keen interest in literature and theatre. 

Writer, Copy Editor

Sofia Martinez is a first-year studying literature and history. When not in class, Sofia is hauled away working on her next novel or screenplay.

Mari Schiff is a third-year hailing from Southern Maine. She is pursuing a degree in cultural anthropology and food studies. She is passionate about cooking, music, applicable theory, and fostering a better college. Mari can be found on late-night walks, and eating at the counter behind the salad bar.


Will Schultheis is a first-year student studying political science and film. When he’s not busy thinking about how money, countries, and property aren’t real, he can be found reading and looking at the riches of architecture. 


Arrow Brown-Ryder is a first-year student who is open to a world of new academic possibilities. They like to spend their free time writing, relaxing, or spending time with friends. Arrow was the senior editor for their high school newspaper, so they are looking forward to learning the ropes of the Beacon, starting with copy editing.

Writer, Copy Editor